Utrecht Skyline

The round and horizontal can be supplied as standard with the sizes, text, materials and colors as mentioned below, if a different color, size, text or material is desired? Ask for the possibilities and this can be arranged on request.


  • round skyline Utrecht: 300mm width, X 280mm height, X 3mm thickness
  • horizontal skyline Utrecht: 900mm width, X 185mm height, X 3mm thickness
  • as a suspension system
  • explanation of the 12 images with matching stories of Rondje Utrecht


  • acrylic: available in the colors: white, red or black
  • plywood (birch): this has a different size of 4mm in thickness

Extra options:

  • different colour
  • other size
  • other name cut out (like person's name or company name)
  • the horizontal skyline can be supplied with uprights

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Utrecht Skyline round
300mm wide, X 280mm hight, X 3mm thick
(center cirkel: 150mm diameter)
(triplex 4mm thick)

Acrylic (black, white, red) or plywood

€ 44,95 (excl. shipping costs)

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Utrecht Skyline horizontal

900mm wide, X 185mm hight, X 3mm thick (plywood 4mm thick)

Acrylic (black, white or red) or Plywood

€ 57,95 (excl. shipping costs)

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